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Kickstart your icons

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1. Your icons make your family and friends cry
2. You're just starting out in the icon making world, and really want to improve
3. You're already awesome at making icons, but always look for crit just to make yourself that much better
4. Your icons look great, but there's always some small thing wrong with each one and you'd love advice on how to fix it
then you're in the right place! iconcrit, like the title suggests, is all about constructive crticism for all sorts of icons, from amateur to professional. Its primary purpose is for icon makers of all age, experience, fandom, style and interest to come together, post their icons, and receive constructive feedback for them. It will also host an icon-related contest once every fortnight, and possibly contain some tutorials.

1. Absolutely no bashing. "There's definitely room for improvement" is okay. "OMFG YOUR ICON SUxx0rs!!" is not.
2. Comment constructively. Just saying "your text sucks" doesn't help anyone. "Your text is not anti-aliased and the colour clashes with your border", however, is constructive and exactly the type of thing the icon-maker is looking for.
3. If you take any icons, make sure you have permission and don't hotlink.
4. Fake LJ-cuts are okay, as long as you tell us that we're going to another journal.
5. Please use an LJ-cut or link to personal journal when posting more than 3 icons. This prevents cloggage on other people's F'lists. Also cut for any possibly offensive content.
6. The community is called iconcrit. That means your posts must contain icons, not FO banners, blends, or vids. If you're posting more than three icons, it's okay to link to a piece of non-100x100 computer graphic, but posting a non-icon by itself is not okay.
7. Comment!! We all love feedback for our work, especially in a community like this. For every time you post here, try to comment at least three times on other people's posts. This makes sure we have a flow of comments and helps everyone get the appreciation they deserve.
8. When posting icons, post in this format::

Number of icons -
Made with (photoshop, PSP, paint etc.) -
Fandom (if any) -
Artist's rules (taking, credit, alterations etc.) -

Every second sunday a theme, set of lyrics, or picture will be posted. Your task is to make up to three icons in correspondance with said theme/lyrics, or using said picture, and reply to the challenge post with your icon/s. You have until the next wednesday to respond. All icons will be posted in one entry on thursday for voting. You have until saturday to vote; sunday brings a new challenge and the results of the last one.

And remember to have fun!

zavanna made the banner.