looneymoon (looneymoon) wrote in iconcrit,

General comments appreciated!

An array of icons I've done in the past year :D

Icons range from July '05 to... This afternoon! 18.06.06.

I put up my old embarassing ones aswell jsut to see how I've imrpoved... but it'd be most helpful if you concentrated on the more recent ones (organized oldest to newest.)

11x Random Celebs
3x Harry Potter
6x Anime (FLCL and Fruit Basket)
1x MCR
2x Jane Eyre
12x Final Fantasy 7 (mainly Cloti related)
2x Desperate HousewivesFelicity
5x Spun
4x Fight Club

48 total

All made with Photoshop 7

Feel free to use them (I'd be flattered if you did!) I don't mind if you don't credit me, but I'd appreciate if you'd not alter them.

You can find them at my journal...
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