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Crit My Brush Use?

Number of icons: 1.
Made with: Photoshop CS.
Fandom: None (personal).
Artist's rules: No taking (see above).

I've been hip-deep in brushes and tutorials all morning, and I'm trying out some new tricks. I like the idea behind this one, but not thrilled about the end result.

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I've started logging all my resources in my memories, but this one was made with polaroid brushes from amethystia100 and leaf brushes from scarsonchest.

I used two photo layers. Over them there's an ivory layer (255/255/240, my favorite non-white background color) with the polaroid brushes in dark brown, "Clear" mode (I finally figured out how to use border brushes, yay). Over that is a layer with the leaf ornament, in dark pink, 50% opacity, with a drop shadow in brown, 25% opacity and anti-aliased for sharpness.

Something is off, and I'm not quite sure what. Am I using the frame brushes wrong? This is my first time, and I've been experimenting a lot.
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